Poetry Publications (Journals)


“Penitent,” Pleiades, forthcoming 2019

“Fish Hospital,” The CollapsarJan. / Feb. 2018

“Catapedaphobia,” and “Dear Earthquake,” The Fourth River, Fall 2017

“Rummage Pickle,” The Spectacle, August 2017

“Omnipresent,” and “Percussion,” Confrontation, Spring 2017

“I, Nipple,” and “Inviolate,” Berkeley Poetry Review, Issue 47, 2017

“Air Conestogas,” and “Hard Candy,” Cimarron Review, Fall 2016

“One Goes Missing,” Sugared WaterIssue 5, 2016

“On Forester Pass,” Vinyl, May 2016

“Not Allowed in Kamala Nehru Park,” Gulf Stream, Issue 14, 2015

“Outro,” Superstition Review, Fall 2015

“Memory Grenades,” and “When the Road Broke in Two,” Front Porch Journal, Fall 2015

“My Avatar and I Move to 45 Degrees North Latitude,” Salamander, Spring/Summer 2015

“Halloween Night at the Pink Pony,” Bayou Magazine, Summer 2015

“Eyelet,” Crab Creek Review, Spring 2015

“Until You, I Never Knew the Names of Spices,”  THRUSH Poetry Journal, May 2015

“Stingray Touch Pool,” Cherry Tree, 2015

“Self Portrait as a Desperado,” and “Expecting Widow Visits the Aquarium,”  Nashville Review, Fall 2014

“You Ask Me to Think of the Outside,”  DMQ ReviewFall 2014

“Checking Your Shoes at the Street Temple,” Prairie Schooner, Fall 2014

“From a Crow’s Nest,” Gigantic Sequins, Summer 2014

“Pulmonary,”  Storm CellarSpring 2014

“Seedlings,” Dunes Review, Summer/Fall 2013

“Watching Greenland,” Dunes Review, Winter/Spring 2013



Poetry Publications (Anthologies)


“Wall Bird,” The SonnetsHermeneutic Chaos Press, March 2016

“Seedlings,” The SonnetsHermeneutic Chaos Press, March 2016. Reprint.



Awards and Nominations


Writer-in-Residence, Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, Summer 2016

Pushcart Prize 2016 nomination from THRUSH Poetry Journal for “Until You, I Never Knew the Names of Spices”

Pushcart Prize 2016 nomination from Cherry Tree for “Stingray Touch Pool”

Pushcart Prize 2015 nomination from Nashville Review for  “Expecting Widow Visits the Aquarium”

Best of the Net 2015 Anthology nomination from DMQ Review for “You Ask Me to Think of the Outside”

Best of the Net 2015 Anthology nomination from THRUSH Poetry Journal for “Until You, I Never Knew the Names of Spices”

AWP Intro to Journals Project nomination from Pacific University for “Self Portrait as a Desperado”

Bear River Writers’ Conference 2014 & 2015 merit scholarships